iPhone Repair in Gothenburg

You can have your iPhone repaired on Avenyn 43 in Gothenburg. We also repair all other mayor phone brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Huawei and more. Our technician are well trained to repair most type of phones and damages.
Avenyn 43, 41136 Göteborg [/fusion_imageframe][fusion_text]Mobilplaneten started in 2012 in central Gothenburg on Johanneberg, but during late 2014 we opened a new shop on Avenyn 43 to become more easily available for our customers.

In beginning in 2012 we mainly repaired iPhones and Samsung phones where we mainly replaced the screen/display  and batteries on iPhones and Samsung. Along the way during the years our experience increased and we developed, today we repair almost all brands and models on the market as long as we can get hold of parts from our suppliers. iPhone is still the most popular phone to be repaired, but all other mayor brands, such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, Motorola and Huawei are becoming more and more popular to repair.

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